youtube to audio converters

There’s a ton of online of online youtube to mp3 converters, but which are the best for getting audio from youtube? Here’s a review of 20 different converters.


Caches previously downloaded videos making it the fastest by far. Even easier to use with the firefox addon. Preserves file names, mp3 only.

disadvantages: won’t work with some videos on vevo, occasional popup ads.


Also caches videos, only slightly slower than video2mp3. No ads. Doesn’t keep file names, mp3, mp4, 3gp, flv.


good speed, allows editing of tags (title, artist, genre, etc.) and change start and end time. mp3, mp4, flv.


fast, flv and mp4 download.

youtubegold, tubezen, kickyoutube, youtubetomp3, listentoyoutube, vid2mp3,

all great, listed in rough order of speed. (I’ve love to hear any comments you have one these!)


sends download link to your email, keeps file names, average speed

Nothing special

grab-tube (didn’t work)

online-video-converter (didn’t work)

gazzump (limit 3 per day after registering)

flvto (didn’t work)

vixy (didn’t work)

catchyoutube (didn’t work)

getaudiofromvideo (didn’t work) (not free)

youtubedroid (didn’t work)

youtube-converter-online (didn’t work)

download-my-youtube (didn’t work)

eyoutube (didn’t work)

youtubekeep (didn’t work)

you-convert-it (didn’t work)

for-inside (didn’t work)

if you have any comments about these or more online to converters not listed here, please comment! :D

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